Nice to meet you is a polite formula used when being introduced to someone. We all say it every day after a firm handshake. We take this everyday occurrence very close to our hearts. We are dedicated to making every encounter with us, a pleasant one. Hidden in this simple phrase are our core values – Involvement, Passion, Commitment, Accountability and Respect. We dedicate ourselves to every client, employee and service provider when we utter the words; nice2meetU. With the expansion of our client’s business we are very fortunate to continuously meet new clients and welcome them to our growing network. We do not shy away from ensuring that every meeting, not only the first will be a nice2meetu occasion.

Brief History

Founders who have backgrounds in software & graphic design ; usually have a lot to say.  But as a briefly; we are working as a designing and marketing company from 2013 . Our first aimed market was Thailand,Philippines,Malaysia, South Korea and Vietnam .
As a result of succesful years in the market we decided to be in East European Market at 2019 .